Tiny Houses Approved as Secondary Residences in Pleasant Grove

The City Council of Pleasant Grove has voted to approve the recommendation of the Planning Commission to allow Tiny Houses as secondary dwelling units on property with an existing structure. The Tiny House must be placed on a permanent foundation and is required to be connected to the utilities of the primary residence.

The minimum size requirement for the Tiny House is 192 square feet. This is the equivalent of a 24 foot length with a width of 8 1/2 feet. The structure must include it’s own kitchen and bathroom facilities and have an exterior design consistent with the primary structure. Additionally, either the primary residence or the secondary unit must be occupied by the property owner and no more than one secondary unit can be located on the property.

The structure can be built off-site and delivered to the property on a trailer but then must be detached from the wheels, tongue and under carriage and attached to a perimeter foundation or slab on grade. The foundation and utility connections require city permits and inspection.

Although not all Tiny House enthusiast will find this solution a good fit for their interests, many home owners who will see this as a great opportunity for accommodating parents, students and young families just starting out.