The ShumBus

School Bus Conversion Project


shumbus2 Janet and Arron Shumway of Las Vegas Nevada bought this “Black Perl” school bus and are in the process of converting it to a live-in traveling home for their family of 8. Their plan is to use it to travel and promote worthy causes like volunteer programs and alternate education methods such as home schooling and experiential learning.

They are arranging for sponsors to help pay for the construction and to donate materials, both new and used. Habitat for Humanity and the Restore outlet of Orem and Spanish Fork have already provided numerous items such as cabinets, carpeting and cement board for the interior walls.

20160326_115311The Shumways wanted to make this project a learning experience for the whole family. They have found that being involved with the construction is a great way to learn team work and cooperation. When it came time to insulate the walls, mom and dad took measurements and the kids ran the cut pieces to them to put in place.



shumbus-floorplanThe challenge of the floor plan is to design a livable arrangement for the parents and 6 kids ages 2 – 14 years old. It includes 2 bunkbeds, a crib and a dining table that converts to bed for the oldest son. The skylight in the master bedroom is provided, not only for extra light but also to give someone taller that 6 feet a place to stand with out ducking their head.