Tiny Houses in Utah Skyline Mountain Resort

The number of locations where owners can put tiny houses in Utah has just gone up. The Skyline Mountain recreation property subdivision has recently modified their association bylaws to permit specialized RVs to be located on designated properties. A Specialized RV is the designation that the state of Utah has given to Tiny Houses. In order to qualify, the trailer must have a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and it must be registered with the DMV.

The subdivision is a gated recreation community just outside of Fairview Utah in Sanpete County. The resort has a swimming pool and a 9 hole golf course. There are a variety of lot sizes ranging from half acre to multiple acre lots. Most of them are about an acre. Some of the structures on the lots are summer cabins and some are year round residences. Two of the lots have a tiny house located on them. The subdivision does not allow Tiny Houses on the lots that border the golf course.

The Cost of a Lot

One acre lots range in price from $20,000 to $35,000. The subdivision bylaws state that the Tiny House must have RV hooks up for water, power and sewer. Most lots have water and power available to the property but not a septic tank. So in figuring the cost of preparing the property for a tiny house you would have to include installing of a septic tank.