While each Tiny Home is designed to make the most of every square inch of living space, the exterior and the decor of the interior can reflect the personality of the owner. Here are some ideas to help you explore your options.

DIY Metal Framed Tiny Homes

The Metal Frame is ideal for the Do-It-Yourself project because every thing is already engineered and pre-cut for quick and easy assembly. In a matter of hours, with nothing more than a screw gun, you can have a framed shell ready to be finished to your own custom exterior and interior preferences. All the utility routing is laid out for electrical and plumbing according to your chosen floor plan. The end result will be a fully certified construction that will pass most state requirements.

Metal framing has the advantage of less weight as compared to standard wood. For self-built projects it is also much easier to work with than SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) construction. Kits are engineered to fit most standard tiny home trailers but specifically are custom matched for trailers produced by Trailer Made.

You can take a look and some metal framed tiny house solutions.

Floor Plan Ideas

There are many layout options designed to accomplish what you are looking for. Contact us to help you develop one that is right for you.

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