Our Sweet Home

Family DIY Project

After selling their home in Orem the Scott’s decided to downsize by building a tiny house. They came up with some plans and had a tiny house builder frame it on the trailer. Shortly after getting started Channel 4 News talked to them about their tiny house.

Channel 4 News talks to the Scott’s about their project.



Here’s their Story…

The Trailer

Trailer Made 24 footAfter talking with a number of tiny house builders and doing some research we discovered that not any old trailer would work. One friend had used a converted trailer that after a year begin to show signs of failure. We decided on a 24 foot trailer that was custom built specially for tiny houses. It has a “perimeter load” design to provide for proper support. It includes two 7500 lb axles, bottle jacks on each corner for leveling and anchor loops for securing the unit to the ground.

The cross member joists are perfect for attaching the sub-floor and below the joist is galvanized sheeting that keeps out the mice and rodents. We have pulled the tiny house to Wyoming and back with our 3/4 ton pickup but had to take it easy. With my friend’s one ton it is very stable and cruises along with no problem.

Floorplan – 204 sqft. (24 x 8.5) plus 2 lofts


Kitchen layoutKitchen layout

We started with a plan that we found online and then set about modifying it to add more windows and a shower instead of a tub. We also designed the roof with an offset center to accommodate future solar panels. We also liked the way the offset peak of the ceiling allowed for more head space with a reclining chair in the loft.



We went back and forth whether to use 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 for the framing. In the end we went with 2 x 4 to get a little more interior space. Strength was not an issue but the thicker wall has more insulation. However the benefit was not worth it due to the large 6′ x 6′ picture window that we wanted. We got the best insulated window we could buy but it has less than an R-13 rating so to go higher in the walls did not make sense.

Although the small area of a tiny home does not require much in the way of heating and cooling to keep it comfortable, we did put an extra layer of insulative material in the raised metal roof that improved the R-value in the ceiling.


exterior view

We wanted an exterior finish that looked like a real house rather than a doll house with a lot of ginger bread. The main design element in front needed to be the windows. The large picture window makes the interior feel very spacious. We just need to remember to park so that the front is toward a beautiful mountain view and not in sight of our neighbors. That way we can run around in our PJ’s and not feel inhibited.

The exterior lighting was particularly important to us. It took us a bit of time to find the right hanging lantern lights but we love how inviting it looks.


We knew from the beginning that we wanted the look of nice warm wood on the ceiling and after a lot of shopping we decided on the blue pine with a soft sheen finish. We went with a custom hand made ship-lap on the walls painted white in order to match the white ceiling lights and fan.

The counter top is a solid pine block with a large composite sink and induction stove top insert.

counter top

The Finished Project

Our intention was to buy land in San Pete County and use this as a second home. Now that we have finished the project our needs have changed and we have decided to sell. If you would like details about the availability and price call us at 801.368.7440.

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