KBYU-TV News Spot

Brooke Porter of KBYU-TV channel 11 news visited the LifeStarterHomes facility in Orem and followed the Christiansen family as they introduced their children to what may be their next home. Three years ago Armela and Steve built their new home in Salt Lake but they are frustrated having to make their monthly payment with little equity to show for it.


Life Starter Homes is one of a handful of companies that is working to build a trend of tiny house interest in Utah. “Its such a departure from what we’re conditioned to in America,” says John Cook, directory of marketing. “America is known the world over, bigger is better right, bigger is better so tiny houses speak to that desire to have high efficiency but low waste.”


“It kind of sparks the imagination, gosh no debt sounds good,” Cook said. “I wonder if I could do it, I wonder if I could live in a tiny home.”

As the Christiansen family visited the facility they also realized that their new big home causes the family to feel separated from each other. They have are looking into a micro home as an alternative. They are planning on 1200 square foot that is a more efficient use of space and more conducive to the type of living experience they want.

Watch the video of the KBYU news report aired March 7, 2016.